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Frequently Used Products

• Ear mite Medication

• Frontline Plus Flea Treatment

• Wormers for Cats and Dogs

• Micro-Tex shampoo and spray

• Heartgard Meaty Chews

• Capstar 24-hour flea pill

• Treats and Chews for dogs with special needs

• Science Diet canine and feline prescription foods

• Nexgard Chewables Flea and Tick Treatment



Products for Sale

We use many of these products when your pet comes in for our veterinary services. We also have a variety of these products for sale. Make sure to talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to learn more about our products for sale and how they are best used.

Frontline Flea Medication

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Wormers for Cats and Dogs

Capstar 24-hour flea pill

Treats and Chews

Contact us to learn more about the products

we use the most!


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